Join the Revolution in Healthcare

Texas Direct Medical Care is full service Family Medicine and Urgent Care

Providing the best medical care from your own personal physician

Register by clicking on link and complete the form, call, or come in to the clinic and we will complete your registration

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How it works:

Like a gym membership with your doctor. 

Joining the practice allows you to make appointments, call, text, or video chat for all medical concerns, illnesses, injuries, or simply advice on medical issues 24/7/365.  We respond to requests and questions the same or the next day, including after hours and weekends. 

Urgent illnesses and injuries are usually seen and evaluated same-day. We will help prevent unnecessary ER visits.

There are no co-pays at Texas Direct Medical Care, and no restrictions on your pre-existing medical conditions.

Between 80-90% of your medical needs can be managed by your personal physician without urgent care, emergency room, or hospital visits.  Appointments may be brief or as long you need.  No one’s medical needs are rushed.

We do not take insurance or Medicare, allowing significant cost savings from deductible and co-pay fee-for-service plans.  We have removed all of the middlemen and pass along tremendous cost benefit.

We limit the number of members in the practice to guarantee responsive access to the best personal care.

Better Healthcare:

You can have a conversation with your physician without the wait and time constraints of traditional large clinics.  Your physician will spend more time with you than the computer.  

No insurance administrators between you and the physician.

Bring all of your concerns.  No limits on what we can address in a visit.

We will help prevent unnecessary Emergency Room visit and charges.  80-90% of ER visits can be managed as urgent care visits.  If unsure if you are having an emergency, call us.  

We manage all urgent care cases – flu, strep throat, cuts, sprains and breaks.  Most care is included in the subscription, even for urgent issues.  X-rays and lab tests are at or near wholesale cost.

Your health and medical information is truly private and not part of larger insurance, corporate, or government databases.

Complete annual physical without time constraints.

Cost Savings

There are no co-pays.  Any visit, call, email, or text is included in your subscription.

Your annual subscription is often less than 25% of the deductible of traditional insurance without co-pays or hidden fees, out of network costs, etc..

Prescription medications, labs, and x-rays are deeply discounted at wholesale pricing and may be covered with an HSA/FSA (recommend checking with tax adviser).

In a traditional fee for service and insurance dominated practice, you pay for most additional items, and surprise bills may appear later in the mail.  Everything is upfront at Texas Direct Medical Care.  

Most routine procedures including joint and steroid injections are included. 

Your subscription combined with major medical insurance (AKA catastrophic or hospital insurance), can often be less than the deductible of insurance plans, without the monthly additional fees.

Common Conditions Treated

                We treat most common chronic and acute conditions, including:

  • Urgent Illnesses and Injuries
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes, type 1 and 2
  • Cholesterol and Heart Health
  • Athletic and sports injuries
  • Acne and other skin conditions
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Migraines
  • Infections
  • Sports physicals

Major Medical and Hospital Care

                For hospitalizations, medical emergencies, intensive treatments or procedures, we recommend subscribers also carry major medical insurance (such as Decent Insurance) or medical sharing programs, such as Christian Healthcare Ministries, Sedera, Medi-Share, Liberty Healthshare, Zion, Solidarity, and many others.

                We are not insurance.  We provide healthcare for members.

Veteran Owned and Operated