Growing More Expensive.

Everything is bigger in Texas and that now applies to our healthcare insurance costs. Here are the statistics, according to the good medical statisticians at the Commonwealth Fund. Families in Texas were charged $500 more than the US average for their health coverage. For a year, the employer contributions rose to about $14,000, while the employees’ contribution rose to $6655. Premiums continued to rise in 2018 and 2019. Premiums actually went down in 2020, but not for any good reason. Same healthcare that everyone had a year prior, just more expensive.

Among growing concerns with the Coronavirus, people stopped going to their doctors for routine care. Sometimes a delay care is not significant, other times a delay in care means a delay in getting better or letting a condition worsen to the point of needing emergency care. Contrary to popular myth, things to not get better on their own. Delaying care has saved money for 2020, but will lead to increasing premiums and costs. As people who delayed care in 2020 will have worse results and more complications in 2021 and later.

What to do?

This article by D Magazine lays out that the dilemma for employers is connecting their employees with a primary care physician. Employers know that the key method to lowering costs is steady care with a primary physician. Exactly the kind of practice we offer here at Texas Direct Medical Care. Monthly membership with a Direct Primary Care results in faster care for both your primary care and urgent care needs. A trip to an emergency room is expensive, a monthly membership at TDMC is $80. Give us a call, email us, or just come for a visit and see for yourself the benefit a regular primary care physician can be. Also let your employers know this is the way for them to save on the constant rise of medical care costs.