For Employers - There is a Better Way

Costs for both businesses and employees are sky-rocketing. 

We can reduce costs >50% combined with a variety of different types of plans.

Far better medical care at a fraction of the cost.

Businesses and employees are funding middlemen and gatekeepers. Bypass it all with better medical care.

TDMC works with employers to offer affordable and better healthcare coverage.

  • TDMC’s Primary Care and Urgent Care model can address 80-90% of employee and family healthcare needs without referrals, ER visits or hospitalizations.
  • Lab costs 90% less using same national laboratories, than thru insurance. 
  • Imaging 50% less – x-rays, MRI’s, CT’s, etc..  
  • Generic Medications wholesale cost.
  • Wellness visits are actual physicals and not another excuse to charge co-pays.
  • Virtual tele-med visits phone/email/text, and employees do not leave work for medical care.
  • Avoid high deductibles, high-cost health plans, and avoid insurance premium commissions.
  • Customized Health Plans achieve significant savings with better healthcare by combining TDMC model with health-share or customized benefit plans, including OB, ER, or hospitalizations.  
  • Regional and National Network of like-minded clinics.  We partner with similar practices to offer multiple options depending on size, locations, and the business.  
  • TDMC model proven to reduce both ER and Hospitalizations, reducing claims and premiums.
  • Call or email to discuss options for better medical care., 512-553-1501

Links on Business Success:

Podcast David Balat, Director of the Right on Healthcare Initiative, explains why he uses Direct Primary Care and details about today’s health care vs insurance environment.  There really is a better way.

Dr Lee Gross DPC – Pandemic Tested. A Case Study. First 2 minutes explains why he created their DPC practice.  Employer with 160 Employees saved 30% over 3 years including during COVID. 

Information about Direct Primary Care:

Texas Public Policy Foundation, Controlling Your Care: Direct Primary Care

DPC Employer Case-Study (New Tech Global, an oil and gas engineering firm) 

DPC Panel discussion, DeSoto Hospital, FL achieved 54% reduction in healthcare costs, saving >$1 Million

Strada-Burton-1-yr-Whitepaper-One-Page. (Burton Plumbing, Nebraska achieved 80% reduction in claims and 90% reduction in ER visits.)