For Employers - There is a Better Way

Costs for both businesses and employees are sky-rocketing. 

We can reduce costs >50% with combined a variety of different types of plans.

Lower costs with better medical care.

Businesses and employees are funding middlemen and gatekeepers. Bypass it all with better medical care.

TDMC works with employers to develop more affordable and better healthcare coverage for employees and families

  • TDMC’s Primary Care and Urgent Care can address 80-90% of employee and family healthcare needs without referrals, ER visits or hospitalizations.  
  • TDMC includes virtual tele-med visits by phone, email or text, and employees do not need to leave work for medical care.
  • With TDMC there is no need to pay for high deductible, high-cost health insurance plans, and avoid insurance premium commissions.
  • Companies can save significantly and offer better healthcare by combining TDMC’s employer plan with health-share or insurance plans for OB, ER, or hospitalizations.  
  • We have partnered with a group of similar practices to offer multiple options depending on size, locations, and the business.  Our model is demonstrated to reduce both ER and Hospitalizations, reducing claims and premiums.
  • Call or email to discuss options for better medical care. [email protected], 512-553-1501

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