What is covered in my membership?

  • Access to your physician every day via visit/call/text/email.  After hours we will return call as soon as practical.
  • Full service Family Medicine for acute and chronic care except obstetrical services.
  • There are no co-pays.  Any visit, call, text, or email is included in your subscription.
  • Urgent Care needs, including after hours and weekends.
  • Most routine procedures including joint and steroid injections are included.

Is Women's Health Included?

  • We have an excellent Female provider for Women’s Health.
  • The lab cost for pap smears is $20, and is only needed every 3 years for routine screening.

Are there restrictions on Pre-Existing Conditions?

  • There are no restrictions on any pre-existing conditions.  We manage all acute and chronic conditions.
  • Major medical plans often have varying restrictions, and we can assist navigating finding the best plan.

How Do Health Share Communities Work?

Is this another insurance plan?

  • Texas Direct Medical Care is not an insurance plan. This is a partnership between you and our doctors to provide you the best personal medical care.
  • To maximize your coverage we recommend combining your subscription with a medical healthcare cost-sharing plans or major medical insurance (AKA catastrophic or hospital insurance). This combination is usually far less than the deductible or premiums of insurance plans.

Will this cost more than my current insurance?

  • Your membership is often less than 25% of the deductible of traditional insurance without co-pays or additional hidden fees, out of network costs, etc.
  • Prescription medications, labs, and x-rays are deeply discounted and sold at wholesale price.  Common labs are $3-5 each, such as cholesterol, electrolytes, thyroid, and many other labs.  Common X-rays are $50 each.
  • In a traditional fee for service and insurance dominated practice, you have to pay for most additional items, and surprise bills may appear later in the mail.  Everything is upfront at Texas Direct Medical Care. 
  • One option is to combine membership with an existing insurance plan for the far better care we can provide and have the major medical coverage for hospitalizations and other high expenses.  
  • Another option is health share plans discussed on bottom of Home Page

We Take Medicare Eligible/Enrolled Patients

  • Texas Direct Medical Care does not bill Medicare and does not participate in Medicare plans.  Your membership is a private contract with Texas Direct Medical Care, allowing unlimited visits and the time to manage all aspects of your health.
  • Medicare has multiple administrative requirements for clinics, and we have opted-out of this system.  If you are Medicare enrolled, you may use Medicare for x-rays, MRI’s, referrals, hospitalizations, etc.  We recommend using our clinic for most labs. Our direct costs are usually far less than Medicare co-pays for labs.
  • Medications are often less through discount programs than Medicare co-pays.  Always ask the Pharmacists first the cash-pay or discount costs of medications compared with Medicare co-pays.