People regularly call pleading for COVID treatment because their corporate or government run clinic refused to offer any treatment.

We treat COVID early and at late stages depending on symptoms.  We do not treat our guests based on insurance or corporate algorithms.  We treat each person based on their symptoms and length of illness using the latest research.

Corporate and Insurance driven clinic responses:

  • Patients are told to go home, monitor pulse-ox, go to ER if it “gets bad,” and take Tylenol.
  • One physician told his COVID positive patient to find someone to prescribe Ivermectin (IVM) or Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), because he was “not allowed.”
  • Overly cautious administrators find it easier to ignore COVID than risk criticism or their billing practices.
  • It is strangely easier to get a prescription for narcotics, sedatives, and stimulants than it is to get a hold of very safe IVM or HCQ.
  • The evidence supportive of early treatment is overwhelming, yet the resistance to it remains inexplicably high.

Texas Direct Medical Care and other independent Direct Primary Care clinics have the freedom to practice medicine correctly, without insurance or corporate interference.  It is old school medicine, the way it was and should be again.