COVID Antigen Rapid Tests are now available at Texas Direct Medical Care.
In addition to the PCR tests, Texas Direct Medical Care has added the Rapid Antigen test to its inventory. We have you covered for your primary care and urgent care needs. The PCR is $40 with insurance, $11o without. The Rapid Antigen tests are $75.
COVID update: Currently we are not hitting the levels that we did in June or July. But, we are in a surge. Fortunately, the research on early treatments shows that their is hope. Check out C19study to see the current data and look how early treatments perform statistically better. The early treatments are cheap and available in independent clinics. For medications purchased from the pharmacy, make sure you are using GoodRx to ensure you get the best pricing.
If you or someone you know is sick locally or in other states, we can help. Use our practice and avoid the run around from insurance. Tele-medicine is always available and even house calls for special circumstances. Learn about COVID-19 and options for treatment we have.
We have both PCR ($40 with insurance or $110) and Rapid Antigen ($75) tests available. PCR is more accurate and frequently required for international travel and some intranational travel. Membership price is whole sale cost — membership includes unlimited visits and tele-med without co-pays. Take a look at our services and fees and see all that is covered by becoming a member here.