Looking for a better way in healthcare? You’re not alone and there are many others out documenting their own strategies.

Check out Mr. Money Mustache’s journey to maintaining health coverage, but without health insurance. Not only does he pay less now than he would with health insurance. But he also maintains full spectrum health coverage by partnering Direct Primary Care practices with a Health Share Plan. DPC helps with the day to day coverage, and HSP is there for him when it comes to the bigger expenses. Click on the link to his website to get the full breakdown on how he is saving money and living healthier by combining a DPC with an HSP.

Two Years Without Health Insurance (and What I’m Doing Now)

MMM gives you everything you need to start your own quest to find your own path to better healthcare. From a DPC map provided by DPC Frontier. Along with links to Health Share Plans, many of which will give you a discount for your membership fee if you are also a member of a DPC. Check us out on DPC Frontier or use the mapper to find the closest DPC and get your own local doctor.


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